Virtual Tour Image



HD Panoramic Photos

Most Cameras definition these days are on average 24mp and have the capability to pan in a direction and take panoramic photos. We use specialized equipment that can take and stitch hundreds or even thousands of pictures together to create one image. The resulting image definition is GIGApixels. Literally thousands of megapixels. This technology can allow online viewers to zoom into a large image as if they controlled the telephoto lens themselves. These Giga-Pans can be used for online viewing of very wide and deep landscapes, sporting events, or festivals. It can also be used to yield amazing definition on large wall pictures, billboards or signs. We also have the tools to take single-shot 360 pictures. One single snap of the shutter and a complete 360 view is captured. No moving the camera to the next position, taking multiple shots, aligning and stitching together later. Everything happening around the camera freezes right where it is. Fantastic for capturing scenes with movement and action.



Weddings and Events

Do you have a special day or an event that you would like to capture? Weddings and events have many of those special moments that an experienced photographer needs to be ready for. Aerial photo/video at a wedding is a very unique way to capture the whole event in the view. We can combine all our tools – Photo, Video, Audio and Aerial – to put a complete and memorable media package together for you.



Aerial 3d Modeling

The precision of our drones allow us to orbit a structure or site and collect hundreds of pictures on a flight path at different angles. These pictures can then be stitched together to create 3d models that can then be viewed and worked with in different renderings and frame formats. Great for scouting out a location, construction and many other commercial uses.



Virtual Tours

With our 360 degree panoramic photography combined with virtual tour software we can create some very engaging and interactive media for your website. This media can allow people to move through and explore an area as they wish. Whether you’re selling or a home or vessel, promoting a business or charter, or showcasing an event or property; a virtual tour will keep your viewers engaged.