We provide unique à la carte custom tailored services



Dragonfly Vision Media offers interior, exterior, outdoor, aerial and panoramic photography. Our high resolution cameras, aerial drones and other tools capture extremely impressive images. We can shoot in both standard and HDR (high dynamic range) from both the ground and the air. Our HDR photography shoots several pictures of different exposures of the same subject. Then we choose the best pieces from each of the photos and combine them together to create dazzling results 



The unmatched maneuverability of our remote-controlled drones enable our pilots to fly above, through and around buildings, properties and vehicles. Equipped with Ultra High Definition 4k wide-angle lenses we create a stirring first-person perspective with no fish-eye distortion. Our ground cameras have the same quality but allow us to move with stabilizers through smaller spaces and have that same smooth movement. Combining both types of footage together creates a flowing and cinematic experience.


Photo Editing

DVM uses the most advanced software and tools to digitally develop your images. We edit, enhance and optimize your images for posting, publishing and print. Panoramas are stitched and assembled. If you’re looking for something more artistic we can do that too. We can create slideshows and galleries with music that are ready for the web. Whether you’re looking to post online, create literature or hang your prints on the wall; we will fine-tune your images for you.


Video Editing

Taking videos then trimming, cutting and arranging them is an art form in itself. We can add music, voice-overs, text, artistic transitions, animation and special effects. Our skills and software will give your project that professional finishing touch.